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Name:Sky of Secrets
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Sky of Secrets is a community, in which I want to share with you my thoughts about different J-Dorama; news regarding the Japanese entertainment industry, make polls and share my subs with you.

Subbing Projects
J-Dorama Series: Lost Days* (Winter 2014, complete)
J-Dorama Series: Kazokugari* (Summer 2014, Ep 1-4, dropped due to other available subs)
NEWS Zero Cut with Kamenashi Kazuya (collab with algernon_fansub)
J-Movie: Yokokuhan - The Prophecy (collab with algernon_fansub)

*Thank you to hamanosilence for helping me with translating!

Dorama Reviews/Discussions
Kazokugari (Summer 2014, dropped)
Shinigami-kun (Spring 2014, complete)
Yowakutemo Katemasu (Spring 2014, complete)
Lost Days (Winter 2014, complete)
+ several dorama reviews and season overviews

Most entries are member-locked, so please join the community (membership moderated for now) to access them. Review posts are usually open for public.

For joining the community, please read HERE and follow the steps!

Now enjoy and join the discussions! <3
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